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Over the years, Pitney Bowes has been able to develop a number of business communications solutions for its business clients utilizing a set of proprietary and non proprietary software. Pitney Bowes asked the IP Factory to review how this suite of technologies could be used to develop products for the public sector. In May 2013, the Analytic Team determined a number of potential uses for these technologies and recommended that we focus on an early win to get a revenue stream to start a company that could then pursue the other recommended commercialization options.

The first product, SecureBar, is designed to relieve the Bar applicant of the significant burden in collecting the materials needed in the character and fitness portion of the bar exam application. The amount of information requested is significant and sometimes difficult to retrieve by these 3rd year law students who are simultaneously trying to finish their studies. SecureBar provides a simple secure method for collecting and storing the information. We believe that once launched this same solution can be adapted to other professional areas such as doctors and teachers who require extensive background checks.



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