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The IP Factory Board of Directors

Bruce Carlson - Chairman, President;  Director
Bruce Carlson has extensive experience in strategic planning.  He was formerly Chief of Staff at the University of Connecticut Health Center, an academic, clinical and research medical center.  While at the University of Connecticut, Bruce developed its technology transfer program to encourage research and innovation in Connecticut through the commercialization of the university’s research.  Bruce hopes to bring this experience to The IP Factory.  As the President and Interim Chairman of the Board, Bruce will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of The IP Factory and implementing the organization’s short-term and long-term strategies. 

Frank Marco - Secretary; Director
Frank Marco is a partner at Wiggin and Dana LLP, a regional law firm headquartered in Connecticut.  Throughout his legal career, Frank has advised venture capitalists, emerging growth companies and established companies in evaluating strategic transactions and negotiating technology transfers.  Frank’s law firm has donated its services to The IP Factory’s formation and application for exemption.  As Secretary, Frank will be responsible for ensuring the The IP Factory adheres to sound corporate governance practices.

Tony Allen -  Director
Tony Allen is a managing partner of the IMPACT Group, which provides consulting services related to the development and deployment of strategy and operational performance improvement for a variety of industries.  In addition to over 25 years of global strategic and operational management experience, Tony is a long-time entrepreneur and angel investor in Connecticut.  His investment group currently owns and operates three Connecticut businesses. 

Alan Mendelson -  Director
Alan Mendelson is a founder and managing partner of Axiom Ventures Partners, a Connecticut-based company providing capital and strategic assistance to rapidly growing high technology companies.  Alan has over twenty-eight years of venture capital experience.  He is currently a board member of Connecticut Innovation’s Investment Advisory Board.

Matthew Nemerson -  Director
Matthew Nemerson is President and CEO of the Connecticut Technology Council, a statewide association of technology oriented companies and institutions, providing leadership in areas of policy advocacy, community building and assistance for growing companies.  Matthew has spent his career building stronger communities by leading creative organizations, promoting entrepreneurship and growth policies and starting and assisting innovative businesses in Connecticut.

Leon Pintsov -  Director
Leon Pintsov is Chief Scientist and Vice President of Pitney Bowes, Inc.  Leon has become an internationally recognized authority in the fields of payment security and information security, computer imaging, optical character recognition and postal economics.  He is the inventor or co-inventor of over 65 U.S. and international patents and has co-authored over 40 research publications.

Peter Longo -  Director
Peter Longo is the President and Chief Investment Officer of CI, a public instrumentality and political subdivision of Connecticut that, among other things, provides investments to start-up and emerging companies in Connecticut.  As President and Chief Investment Officer of CI, Peter’s responsibilities include directing its investment group and advising companies that receive CI investments.


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